How much does a website cost?

We get this question a lot.

The short answer is $650 to $50,000.

Seems like a big range?  Well, how much does a car cost?  A house?  A business?  The answer is “it depends”.  Depends on what is the real question.

If you asked the average business owner how much it costs to operate their company they could probably come up with a rough estimate off the top of their head.  The problem with buying a website is that NOBODY really knows how much it costs…not even people who sell them.

The reason for the confusion over cost is twofold.  First, it is based on your goal and your budget.  Second, there are several ways to go about building a website - there is no one right way.  We can help you find the right website services that fit your business. We build websites to meet your objectivs, not ours & this is because believe in giving customer services. Plus we give references you can actually call.

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Free Websites

Please, there is no such thing as a free lunch and there is no such thing as a free website.  The so called free websites come with strings, hosting, URL (name) ownership etc.  Always strings.