PPC - Pay Per Click Management Services

Let Search Engine Experts create and manage your PPC campaigns. We understand how search engines work, and we will bring that knowledge and experience to your campaign. Call us today for your pay-per-click campaign creation and management - and start to see results tomorrow!

Regional Packages start as low as $300 per month

Features Include:

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Puts Customers in Direct Contact with YOU

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is the most effective and immediate way to reach customers through search engines. It works on a performance-based model that allows for immediate return on every dollar spent.

Here's how it works:

When a customer searches for one of thousands of highly targeted keywords related to your product, your ad will appear next to the organic results on that search engine web page.

When that customer clicks on your PPC ad, the search engine charges you a one-time "click" fee equal to the preset amount you are willing to 'bid' or pay for that click.

Tracking customer conversion and analyzing online customer behavior is part of proper PPC management and will bring customers at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

A properly managed PPC campaign can save as much as 70% per customer lead than through traditional advertising.

This takes precise execution, time-tested expertise and constant fine tuning of your PPC campaigns and can yield amazing results.

PPC Management

Efficient Management for Effective Results

PPC has become the most powerful advertising medium because of its ability to track your return on investment in real time while delivering highly targeted leads.

It's an integral part of any online marketing solution. It requires a comprehensive approach that includes all of the following elements to ensure success:

Every successful PPC advertising campaign should have all of the above. Does your PPC account measure up?